Regarded as an advancement beyond typical concrete raising, Deep Foamjection™ involves the injection of foam at greater depths to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the soil.

Seawall Repair


Soil Stabilization

Void Filling

Infrastructure Railroad Repair

What Are Some Benefits
of Deep FoamJection™?

  • Enhanced sub-surface concrete lifting technology
  • Stabilization of unsettled soils through repair
  • Reinforcement of foundations for settling slabs and structures
  • Foam naturally flows into weak areas, providing comprehensive filling
  • Addresses fissures and ground voids effectively
  • Resolves water-retaining voids and redirects collected water
  • Augments the load-bearing capability of subgrade
  • Permanent repair solution; foam maintains its shape and is impervious to ground water absorption
  • Penetrates weak soils, expanding and solidifying through binding
  •  Does not seep chemicals into the ground

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