Foundation Repair

Solutions Designed to stabilize and reinforce

Foundation repair is a crucial service that addresses structural issues in buildings, ensuring the stability and longevity of homes and commercial properties. Over time, factors like soil movement, water damage, and settling can lead to foundation problems, jeopardizing the structural integrity of a structure. Professional foundation repair involves a thorough assessment, diagnosis, and implementation of targeted solutions to stabilize and reinforce the foundation. This process not only rectifies existing issues but also prevents further deterioration, providing homeowners and business owners with peace of mind and a secure foundation for the future.

Concrete Leveling

Filling the void and improving appearances

Concrete leveling is a transformative solution, not just for filling voids but also for enhancing aesthetic appeal. This innovative technique addresses uneven surfaces, sunken areas, or shifting concrete, rectifying potential hazards and improving the structural integrity of spaces. Utilizing advanced materials, the process involves injecting a specialized compound beneath the sunken concrete, lifting and leveling the surface with precision. Beyond structural benefits, this method revitalizes the appearance of driveways, walkways, and other concrete surfaces, providing a seamless and visually appealing finish. Concrete leveling, therefore, serves as a dual-purpose remedy, blending safety with aesthetics to ensure both functionality and an enhanced visual landscape.


Deep FoamJection™ is an upgrade to sub-surface concrete lifting. The foam repairs unstable soils by filling fissures and ground voids. It follows the path of least resistance and fills weak areas installing a stronger foundation to support slabs and structures that settled. Utilizing this method does not leach chemicals into the ground. The foam soaks into the weak soils and then expands, binding the soil and making it solid. Deep FoamJection™ fills voids holding water & displaces collected water. It also increases the load bearing capacity of the subgrade. This is a permanent repair. The foam never changes shape or absorbs ground water.



Precision Void Filling Excellence for Structural Stability and Insulation.

FILLFOAM™ is a pre-expanded open-cell foam designed with optimal attributes for various void-filling applications. When pumped at full volume, FillFoam maintains its volume even in confined spaces, eliminating any loss. With no heat by-product, FillFoam offers a secure and efficient method for rapidly filling voids in cavities, especially in areas with limited access. In contrast to Polyurethane, which undergoes a chemical reaction with water or gas for expansion, FillFoam relies on air blowing, followed by the hardening of its cells.

Seawall Repair

Restoring Coastal Resilience Through Expert Repair Solutions.

Discover the innovative solution of seawall repair using advanced foam technology. Our experts employ state-of-the-art foam injection techniques to reinforce and stabilize seawalls, addressing erosion and structural damage. This environmentally-friendly method provides a lightweight yet durable support, reducing the ecological impact often associated with traditional repair methods. With a focus on sustainability and longevity, our seawall repair service ensures the resilience of coastal structures, offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting your property against the forces of nature.

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