Foam Vs Mudjacking

Does your property have sunken concrete and problem areas around your driveway, sidewalk or patio/pool deck? Not only can these be unattractive, but can also become major safety hazards. Lifting and leveling concrete is a simple and affordable process. Here’s a comparison of two concrete lifting systems.



LT Foam cures in just 15 minutes

LT Foam is extremely lightweight, just 2lbs per cubic foot. Perfect for unstable soil conditions

LT Foam is injected into problem areas though a small dime-sized hole allowing the foam to seal and stabilize cracks and concrete

LT Foam is minimal mess, small drilling sites, and quick efficient installation. Most jobs are done in less than 2 hours

Mudjacking takes over 24 hours and up to 30 days to fully cure

Mudjacking weighs up to 140lbs per cubic foot. The weight of the concrete may crack or sink again in unstable soil.

Injection holes are the size of tennis balls or soda cans and the concrete does not deal, creating further weight and instability in unstable soils.

Mudjacking is messy and uses loud equipment and machinery such as concrete trucks. This can take days to complete and fully cure.

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