Seawall Repair

HMI “NEW” Hydrophobic Foams and One Part Soil Stabilizer Are Ideal For Sea Wall Projects

HMI’s latest hydrophobic foams not only repel water but also solidify in water. When incorporated with the innovative HMI DEEP FOAMJECTION system, we can effectively inject foams at different levels to reinforce a compromised sea wall. The results will do the following:


  • Fill Voids
  • Fill Cracks
  • Displace Standing Water
  • Regenerate A Water Tight Barrier

Is Your Seawall Failing?

Inadequate compaction during the initial construction of the sea wall contributes significantly to subsequent issues. Mother Nature’s relentless impact, particularly during storms, leads to unavoidable cracks and openings in joints over time. Stone sea walls are especially susceptible to runoff erosion, as the gaps between stones create pathways for soil to return to the water. This vulnerability is exacerbated during and after storm surges, where high water weakens structures, creating openings. While property owners may attempt to fill voids with aggregate, this doesn’t address the root cause, and the material will eventually wash back into the water.

What to do now?

By hiring us, we will inject foams behind the failed sea wall at different levels. As we inject the foam, all of the water will be forced away from the area while all of the voids and cracks are replaced with foam producing a solid, water tight barrier. The foam material is environmentally friendly is a much better choice when comparing the cost of repair vs replacement.

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